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Carl Johnson and Mike Patterson Bring Play by Play of Girls Basketball

After a one year hiatus, the mellifluous tones of Carl Johnson will be heard across the airwaves on Harpswell TV, Channel 14. If you have not heard Carl and Mike broadcast a game, you are in for a treat. Watch it and tape it for future enjoyment.

Interview with Carl Johnson and Mike Patterson

TV schedule

Game Broadcast Times
MTA vs Messalonskee - Playoff Game Tuesday Feb 21 @ 8:00 AM

Audio Recordings

Listen to the Mt. Ararat Girls online at work! you can save the complete audio of all games in mp3 format and flood your endorphins with pleasant memories. Just click on link, save the file, and play the mp3 of the TV Broadcast!
Feb 17, 2011 Playoffs vs Messalonskee Click here to download.
Game 5 vs Brunswick Click here to download.
Game 4 vs Skowhegan Click here to download.
Game 3 at Erskine Click here to download.
Game 2 vs Oxford Hills Click here to download.
Game 1 at Edward Little Click here to download.
Carl Johnson - Jim Trusiani
Jim (L) and Carl (R) in years past

Mt Ararat Football Returns to the Airwaves

Carl Johnson and Team are Back!

Carl Johnson has announced that he is returning to broadcast Mt Ararat football games this fall along with his colorman Jim Trusiani and Producer - Lead Technician Mike Patterson. The games will air on Harpswell Public Access TV (Ch 14). The plan is to have the games air on Sunday nights and at other times during the week so that all viewers can get a chance to watch at a time that is convenient for them. The team will be heading up to Lewiston to cover the Eagels opening game vs the Blue Devils this Friday.

Anyone who has heard Carl's broadcasts know how skilled he is. We all missed him last year and are glad he has made the committment to come back. If you have not heard one of Carl's broadcasts, you are in for a treat. Carl is simply the best play be play anouncer in the state. Jim Trusiani personifies the term 'colorman' with his incisive analysis and frosty language. Most people don't know how much time and effort goes into producing a video. There is travel time, set up time, game time (the fun part), and the editing time. So the next time you see Carl, Jim, or Mike, let them know how much you appreciate them.

Mt Ararat's Hidden Gem

If any of you watched the basketball playoffs on MPBN, I am sure you realize what a gem Mt Ararat has in its announcer Carl Johnson. Carl's skill, articulation, and exuberant play-by-play game calling are head and shoulders above the caliber provided by the championship broadcasts. Carl masterfully describes the games, the players and the strategies while spontaneously using the appropriate voice inflections, and he incorporates his color men (Jim Trusiani and Mike Patterson) at the opportune times with often amusing analyses. Great job by the entire production team.

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Carl Johnson, the Voice of the Eagles, Signing Off

Carl Johnson, the Voice of the Eagles, has announced that he is retiring from the broadcast booth. He has released the following statement.

"After 13 years of service to my High School and 7 years of broadcasting games, I have officially retired. The final tally is this: 20K in Donations, 240 games called, 196 Basketball related. I thank everyone for all of their support and love in my time doing this. I hope that I have been able to live up to my promises I made, and have set an example, second to none when it comes to the true meaning of being an Alumnus of Mt. Ararat. Now it is time for me to find a new tomorrow. God bless you name is Carl Johnson and I want to thank you very much for watching...this has been Mt. Ararat Girls High School Basketball."

Thanks Carl

How many high schools do you now that have broadcasts of their athletic cons. The list is not very long. In fact, it stops at one - Mt Ararat High School. And we have Carl Johnson to thank for that. Carl not only brought the games into our living rooms, his broadcasts brought professionalism, entertainment, and knowledge to the numerous games he covered. Anyone who has watched the State Basketball Championships on TV knows that Carl's work is head and shoulders above those broadcasters. Carl carefully and patiently developed and nurtured his own team of camera people and analysts. He allowed them to be themselves and he incorporated them into his broadcasts seamlessly.

You only need to look at the accompanying photo to tell how much Carl Johnson thoroughly enjoyed announcing Mt Ararat games. Whether it was football, baseball, or basketball, Carl put his heart and soul into his work. No more was this evident than in his broadcasting work with Girls basketball. Hard to tell whether he loved them more than they loved him. Carl was easily recognized by the Hawaiian theme-based shirts he wore during basketball games. These shirts were almost as lively and colorful as his broadcasts.

As Carl's statement reads, he invested more than $20,000 in broadast equipment. More important than that, he invested countless hours bringing joy to all who watched, especially the athletes themselves. And Carl was generous to a fault, handing out copies of his videos to whomever wanted them. Was there a greater pleasure than channel surfing late at night or early in the morning and happening upon a Mt Ararat game?

This tribute almost sounds like an obituary. No, Carl is not dead, In fact, he is probably healthier than ever. But it is time for him to move on. And it is time for us to thank him, in whatever way each of us thinks appropriate. So thanks Carl. We're sure that you will find happiness and enjoy success in whatever pursuits you choose.

Carl Johnson and Jim Trusiani Bring You Play by Play

Carl Johnson and Jim Trusiani are teaming up to bring you Mt Ararat baseball this spring both in a downloadable audio format and broadcast on Channel 14. Carl does the play by play and Jim adds analysis and color commentary. Mike Patterson is running the camera.

Carl, of course, has been filming and breaking down Mt Ararat football games for years. Last year, Carl and Jim broadcast all the MTA football games.

Jim was a minor league umpire for years. His insight, strategic perspective, and amusing anecdotes make the games a pleasure to watch and listen to.