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August 17, 2018 - Alumni 2 Mile Race Recap

Alumni showed up in force for the Alumni race
Alumni showed up in force for the Alumni race

The 14th annual Alumni meet kicked off the Cross Country season with the best alumni participation ever. Twelve Eagles participated along with a smattering of runners from Brunswick and Morse. Cam Meier pulled off a familiar come from behind victory out-kicking Brunswick's Will Shaughnessy and Tyler Patterson at the finish. Eagle Freshman Grady Satterfeld, and sophomores Nate Cohen Andrew Chamberlain were all in the chase finishing 4-5-6. Eagan Eldridge grabbed the final top ten place. Both Cam and Eagan will be heading out to the White Mountains for Cross Country training camp for USM. Other top finishers were Lucas Bergeron, Tyler Bernier, Josiah Langworthy, and Gideon Wheeler.

For the Girls, it was Katherine Leckbee, to the surprise of no one, leading the pack. Katherine will be heading out to Wheaton College to continue her education and running career. Karli Leighton, one of the heir apparents to Katherine, put in a strong performance in the pre-season event with a second place finish. Katie Lynch, Fay O'Donnell, Sara York, and Madeline Delaurio all ran strong races for the Girls.

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Baseball 2018 Season in Review

The 2018 season was teeming with high expectations. After three years watching the talented core team develop through the ranks (and enjoying significant accomplishments along the way), optimism was in the air. However, the year was not without some adversity - a change in coaches and the defection of two quality seniors to other sports. The Eagles got off to a mediocre start and stood at 2-4 before reeling off 10 wins in their next 11 games. This year's run was every bit as exciting as last year's march to the Class A Finals. In the playoffs, the Eagles won a game vs Edward Little that could have gone either way and then lost a game to Oxford Hills in a game that also could have gone either way. Such is the game of baseball and the nature of one game playoffs.

The Eagles pitching was strong. Garrett Moody dazzled his teammates (and fans) and baffled opposing hitters throughout the year with his assortment of fastballs, curves, and off speed junk (meant as a very complimentary term). Garret knows how to use the strike zone and let his defense make the outs for him. Kaileb Hawkes and Hunter Lohr were a couple of fire-ballers who provided depth to the starting rotation. And when opposing teams threatened in the late innings, Cam Grant came on throwing smoke and painting the corners.

This was a team effort with the whole bench chipping in.

The accolades keep pouring in. Nick Merrill was named to the All Conference first team as well as being selected to play in both the Maine Senior All Star games and the Maine vs New Hampshire All Star game.

Hunter Lohr was also named to the All Conference first team and Austin Damon was named to the All-Conference Second Team. both players were also chosen to play int he Maine Underclassmen Showcase game.

The Eagles received many post season accolades as listed above. However, the awards did not cover all the categories. I have added my awards. As always, they are given in good humor. And if you did not get an award, go ahead and give yourself one. And the submit it to me, and I will post it. Because if you read it on www.mtasports.com, you know it must be true!

mtasports.com Awards

Award Winner
WWADD Award This award started more than 2000 years ago when it was WWJD. Johnny Damon's fans transformed it into WWJDD during the Red Sox Championship run in 2007. It underwent another change this year to WWADD. The award goes to Austin Damon, who would deliver the game winning hit (after fixing all the world's other problems).
Tools of Ignorance Award goes to Nate Leslie. When last year's catcher (Cam Cox) graduated, the Eagles faced a dilemma. Hunter Lohr was the back up, but he also pitched, played second base, and center field. Was there a better option. Now introducing Nate Leslie, a barrel-chested former third base man with soft hands and a bazooka arm. Never played catch before - no problem! Nate came in, handled pitchers, caught flawlessly, threw out runners who challenged his arm, and of course, continued to sting the ball at the plate.
To be or To-bin Award goes to Devin Tobin, who paradoxically chose both. Devin developed into an offensive threat during the season and we have high hopes for him next year
Hunter Gatherer Award goes to Hunter Lohr who gathered multiple hits
Attitude Award goes to Garrett Moody (who isn't) for his innate baseball skills. Garrett knows how to pitch (not throw) and he knows how and when to execute all the little things that add up to winning games. Maybe it was his destiny to win this award.
The Bird Award named after Mark Fidrych, this award goes to Hunter Lohr. This award is also aka Worth the Price of Award Admission. Okay, technically, there is no price of admission to MTA games, but I certainly would pay to watch Hunter. When on the mound he has a combination of Mark Fidrych's quirkiness and Louis Tiant's twisting and turning deceptiveness. He also has both of their talent and winning genes.
Fargo North, Decoder Award goes to Dakota Lopez. Besides the fact that Dakota developed into one of the better hitters for the Eagles, his name also reminded me of one of my favorite programs and one of its favorite characters.
The Merrill Auditorium Award Austin Damon may have a field named after him, but Nick Merrill does him one better with an auditorium named after him. I am not sure Merrill Auditorium is big enough to hold all the awards Nick has won.
Mr Ribbie Award goes to Kyle Brennan, who earned title last year with his high percentage of RBIs to hits. This year Kyle delivered more hits and just as many key RBIs
Lobsterman of the Year Award goes to Kaileb Hawkes, who undoubtedly developed his brawny physique and good looks from years of pulling lobster traps. BTW, Kaileb can also hit, hit for power, throw, catch, and pitch. Not so sure about the running part.
Huston, we do not have a problem Award goes to Liam Huston. Liam's presence in the dugout (or anywhere actually) is a valued commodity. His leadership, guidance, and sense of humor are priceless.
Best Pinch Hitters Ever goes to Cole Bryant, who joins this list of illustrious major league pinch hitters. Cole ended up hitting .385 with 5 RBIs in 13 pinch hitting appearances.
Taken for Granted Award goes to Cam Grant, who played a flawless third base, belted out the long ball, and came on in relief to put out the fires in the closing innings.

2018 Softball Season in Review

The Eagles started out with many question marks after last year's exodus of talented seniors. No bigger a problem presented itself than who would replace Eagles stalwart pitcher, Alana "Dream' Weaver. The season took a serious hit when highly rated pitcher, Holly Temple, went down with a back injury and saw very limited action in the field and none on the mound after the first game. This deprived us of seeing the Temple sisters working in tandem in front of and behind the plate. Additionally, the Eagles lost the services of Belle Benner, the uber centerfielder, who missed the majority of the season with mononucleosis. Captain Zoe Stilphen steadied the tiller through this storm and as usually happens, other girls stepped up. After a rocky 1-5 start, the Eagles roared back and qualified for the play-offs.

At the Sports Awards ceremony, Morgan Johnson was awarded the Coaches Award and Zoe Stilphen received the Senior Award. I have a few awards of my own to hand out , complete witha musical tribute. As always, if you didn't get an award, go ahead and gie yourself one. You deserve it.

Award Winner
Sitting in the Hall of Fame Award goes to Kayleigh Temple. In her fourth year in the league, other teams knew about the legendary powers of Kayleigh Temple's arm. Run on her, they did not. Maybe they should have learned not to pitch to her either. Kayleigh ended up bashing .568 with 4 doubles, 2 triples, and 20 RBIs despite missing 4 games.
My name is Zoe Award goes to Zoe Stilphen, of course. Zoe moved from third base to shortstop this year. She transitioned smoothly displaying sure hands, great range, and a strong, accurate arm. At the plate she banged out 22 hits, scored 21 runs, and batted .393. That's just a few reasons for the sign below.

Belle of the (soft) Ball Award goes to Belle Benner. Belle was known throughout the league as a gold glove center fielder, who covered large swaths of real estate, made acrobatic catches, and possessed a strong arm. Opposing hitters were well aware of Belle's capabilities as they witnessed her, time after time, tracking down potential doubles and triples and turning them into just another episode of the Belle Benner Web Gem Show.
Moore is More Award Shelby Moore proved that more is, in fact, Moore. This girl is multi-faceted and multi talented. Shelby played some great defense, delivered timely hits, and always had a positive attitude.
Morning Morgan(town) Award goes to Morgan Johnson. She has a contagious spirit that is inspiring and uplifting to everyone that she meets. Morgan has been on the edges throughout her softball career. This year she was asked to step up to fill the role of starting pitcher, a role she shared with Camille Rowe. Morgan filled in more than capably, and flashed some serious leather at first base and in the outfield when she wasn't on the mound, and added some timely hits that won games.
Epitome of Determination Award goes to Kelsey Scannevin. Kelsey was injured early in the season, but she worked hard to get ready and gradually she inserted herself into the line-up. She treated every at bat as a war. She was a fighter, a hustler, a scrapper whose enthusiasm was contagious.

Amanda O'Neill was the only junior on the team. She was asked to move from position to position which is not an easy thing to do. Amanda didn't let the revolving door effect her hitting. She hit a solid .333 with good run production and a .415 on base percentage. Amanda will be asked to do a lot next year, and she proved she is ready.

Future Cy Young Award - With Holly Temple's injury, Camille Rowe was thrust into the rotation and showed tremendous improvements as the season progressed. She has an assortment of pitches, good control, and a savvy temperament. She will only get better.

Future Cy Even Younger Award - goes to Holly Temple, who will be back next year healthy and stronger than ever.

The Eagles had four freshman starters, which can only portend good things for the future. Ema Hawkes was my Rookie of the Year, not only for the Eagles, but also for the KVAC. She is, in no particular order, fast, a catalyst, versatile, and team a player. She can hit for power, bunt for base hits, steal bases, and create havoc on the diamond. She played multiple positions for the Eagles and even made a couple of Belle Benner-like catches in the outfield.

Jaden Lohr played a steady third base for the Eagles, not an easy position for a freshman. She not only fielded her position with aplomb, but showed increasing bat awareness at the plate as the season progressed. She finished with a .308 average. Her future is bright.

Emily Wormwood typified the new major league player. She was either boom or bust. Most of the time she was boom. She carries a big bat and pounded out 3 doubles and 4 triples. I'll stand back when Emily comes to bat next year.

Second base man Jaymie Weidner's fielding was a perfect complement to Zoe Stilphen as part of the keystone combo. Jaymie's glove kept her in the line-up, but here is my bold prediction - she will be an all star at the bat before she is done.


Click here to see a season summary of each athlete's matches.

Boys Tennis Season Wrap Up

Peter Mao shows his touch with a forehand winner
Peter Mao shows his touch with a forehand winner

The Boys very quietly and without much fanfare put together another very successful season. Perhaps this is not surprising given that their top player, and KVAC Player of the Year, Peter Mao is a quiet, thoughtful human being. He plays with a certain dignity, his shot selection is well considered (and well-placed), his movement efficient, and his strategy well calculated. He had a great season and will have a great future. Ryan Glass, a baseball ex-pat, turned to tennis for his senior year. Unlike other previous senior newbies, Ryan had an extensive tennis background. His skill set was displayed immediately with stinging forehands, flat off-speed backhands, and deft drop shots that he used to dismantle his opponents throughout the season. Matt MOsher played in the #3 slot most of the season with occasional bumps up tp number 2 and even number. Matt uses the European grip and has a powerful forehand and backhand. He's in excellent shape and often wears out his opponent.

There were a couple of freshman on the team who had a big impact on the team's success. Zander Chown and Luke Curnin played first team doubles and both players showed some exquisite shot making prowess.

A coach can ask no more of his athletes than to improve over the course of the season. Coach Foley has to be pleased with the continued development of Jacob Fusco, Natah Kofroth, David Neufeld, and Tristan Riday-Caswell.

At the recent MTA Awards night, Peter Mao was named Outstanding Senior and Matt Mosher was named winner of the Coaches Award. I have some awards of my own to pass out. These awards are given out in the spirit of good humour (hopefully) and levity. If you did not receive an award, go ahead and give yourself one, because you deserve it. If you let me know what award you deserve, I will publish it. And when it's published on www.mtasports.com, you know it's true.

mtasports.com Awards for Boys Tennis

Award Winner
KVAC Player of the Year Award Peter Mao was selected as KVAC Player of the Year. He doesn't need any awards from me.
Glass Half Full Award They say his fastball couldn't break a pane of glass, yet he painted the corners like a Mona Lisa. Of course, they also said this about HOFer Whitey Ford. Ryan Glass changed sports in his senior year and showed the same unassuming, yet tremendously effective, skills in Tennis. Never overpowering, just consistently setting up his opponent and hitting winners. Ryan's glass is not half full, it's overflowing with talent
TGIR Award The Thank God Its Riday Award goes to Tristan Caswell-Riday for obvious reasons.
The Big Masher Award goes to Matt 'the Masher' Mosher for his outsized game.
Cool Hand Luke Award goes to Luke Churnin, whom I don't suggest ever try this stunt (especially before a tennis match)
Rookie of the Year Award goes to Zander Chown, who is the heir apparent to the legacy of MTA stars Mike Hill, Nick Mathieu, and Peter Mao.


Boys Lacrosse Season Wrap Up

Matt Lawrence cradles past his man
Matt Lawrence cradles past his man

The Boys finished with a 6-6 regular season record and advanced to the playoffs once again. They registered a 9-3 victory over Cony before they succumbed to powerhouse Brunswick in the quarter finals.

Along the way, the Eagles had several team and individual highlights. After starting out at 5-0 (with games against East Cupcake U and the Sisters of the Poor), the Eagles came back to earth in the second part of the season. Nevertheless, they battled back and showed they belonged on the field against some of the iron of the league. Their biggest win of the year came against the eventual #4 seed Messalonskee with a convincing 10-5 shellacking.

Connor Brown, who has been a scoring machine the last two years, scored an amazing 38 goals while teams were focusing on stopping him. When Connor was doubled team, he immediately recognized the situation and dished off to Matt Lawrence, Keegan Brown, and Eli Schoenberg, all of whom frequently made the opposition pay.

Midfielders rarely get the credit they deserve. They are the workhorses who traverse the entire length of the field and have to be proficient both offensively and defensively. Zach Caoette, Owen Kelly, Hayden Libby were the prototypical midfielders for the Eagles.

The Eagles were young on defense, but they were very impressive. Sophomore Dan Jackson backboned the defense in goal and showed talent, judgment, and leadership between the pipes. It was senior Ryan Mello's first year playing lacrosse, so he was expected to have a steep learning curve. But Ryan is an elite athlete, and by the end of the year he looked like a life-long laxer combining aggressive defense, hard hits, speed on transitions, and good ball handling skills. Not to mention all the intangibles he brings to the table. Sophomores Gabe Crowley, Elias Linkel along with freshmen Tre Saucier and Brian Cobb all displayed defensive prowess beyond their years. The future looks bright for the defense and the Eagles as a whole.

At the recent MTA Awards night, Connor Brown was named Outstanding Senior and Sean Roberts was named winner of the Coaches Award. I have some awards of my own to pass out. These awards are given out in the spirit of good humour (hopefully) and levity. If you did not receive an award, go ahead and give yourself one, because you deserve it. If you let me know what award you deserve, I will publish it. And when it's published on www.mtasports.com, you know it's true.

Award Winner
Brothers Award Like Hank Aaron and his brother Tommy, who combined for 768 career home runs (Hank who hit 755, and Tommy who hit 13), Keegan Brown is on the underside of the Brown brothers total with Connor collecting 88 goals and Keegan just 6. But take heart Keegan, because Connor only had 3 goals after his sophomore season and you have 6. So Connor, gloat while you can, cuz' Keegan's coming after you.
Get out of my face (off area) Award goes to Riley Morin who showed a special knack for controlling the ball in this very important aspect of the game.
Special Sauce Award goes to Tre Saucier
You're Promoted Award goes to Jake Sargent who, based on his stalwart play at both ends of the field, we are promoting to Jake Brigadier General
Speak softly, but carry a big long stick Award goes to Sean Roberts. Pretty sure Teddy Rosevelt never played lacrosse, but he would have embraced Sean's approach to the game ( and everything else). Sean combines an unusual combination of athleticism, confidence, defensive know how, stick-handling skills, and his famous catapult like shot.
Rookie of the Year Award goes to Eli Schoenberg, a freshman who has the inborn instincts to do the little things that make you a complete player as well as the confidence to be a game changer when the situation calls for it. He should supply plenty of offense in the future.


Click here to see a season summary of each athlete's matches.

2018 Girls Tennis Season Wrap Up

Girls 2018 Tennis team
Girls 2018 Tennis team

There is no sugar coating it, the Girls had a rough season when you look at their record. But high school sports are about more than wins and losses. Coach Bohlin instilled many of life's lessons on her team. Each girl improved over the course of the season and hopefully, the seniors will become lifetime players and the underclassmen will come back to experience a more positive outcome next year.

Captains Meriwether Stockford and Ryley Leech provided plenty of senior leadership throughout the season. Outside of action on the court , the high light for me was when Meriwether's brother Griffin Stockford III showed up to watch his sister on Senior Day. He chuckled when I mentioned how I had added 30% to his lifetime income by appending the three sticks after his name. Ryley Leech is an elite soccer player and her athleticism showed on the tennis court. She was a picture of grace and power.

Lizzy Garver, another multi-talented senior, was always a joy to watch, displayed the same panache to her game as she did in her fashion designs. Katie Trebilcock frequently teamed up with her sister Grace in Doubles action to play many spirited games. Senior newbie Chloe Warren signed up for her first year at the net and rapidly showed her competitiveness by moving up to play in the #2 and #3 Singles position.

Let's not forget our transfer students. We had Dana Coliban from Ukraine and Yama Humenyak from Moldava . These girls have such poise and intelligence. Their English is flawless and they both speak three other languages. Having never played tenniis before, the improved greatly over the course of the season

The Eagles were young and had several sophomores who showed they will be ready to fill the void left by the departing seniors. Riley Robertson, Olivia Justice, Emma Soule, and old friend Kaitlyn Doughty give the Eagles a promising future.


Click here to view a season summary of each Male athlete's results or here to view a season summary of each Female athlete's results.

June 2, 2018 - State Championship

The Boys finished 9th and the Girls came in 19th at the Class A State Championship held at McMann Field in Bath. 26 schools cometed. Lisandro Berry-Gaviria was a double winner to the surprise of no one. Lisandro took home the state title in both the 1600 and 3200 Meters. There were several other impressive performances by the Eagles. Max Spelke had a good day at the track. Max established two new PRs. He ran a 43.33 in the 300 Hurdles to finish 8th and in the Jav, Max let loose with a toss of 160-03 to finish 3rd. Tyler Bernier podiumed in the 400 with a 4th place finish and Ethan Rac raced to a 16th place finish. Jason Halliday PRed in the 100 with a time of 11.47 good enough for 11th place. In the 200, Eagles Jason Halliday, Maximo Varela, Tyler Bernier, and Josh Huntsman all ran well. Jace Hollenbach won his heat in the 1600 Meters and finished 12th overall.

In the Field events, Caden Pond finished 12th in the Shot Put and Maximo Varela and Ethan Rac were the top Eagles finishers in the Long Jump finishing 16th and 23rd respectively.

The Boys fared well in the Relays with a couple of top ten finishes. Jace Hollenbach, Anderew Chamberlain, Nate Cohen, and Devin Hoskins finished 9th in the 4 x 800. Ethan Rac teamed up with Max Varela, Max Spelke, and Tyler Bernier to finish 9th in the 4 x 400. In the 4 x 100, Joshu Huntsman, Jason Halliday, Gavin Patterson, and Maximo Varela finished 11th.

The Girls had several members reach the podium. On a day when times were generally slow, Katie Lynch seemed unaffected, Katie ran a PR in the 200 in 26.75 (a time not run by a MTA runner in more than ten years) to finish 6th. Katie once again ran a sub 50 300 Hurdles to register a Top Ten finish. She also ran the 100 Hurdles finishing 23rd. Katherine Leckbee closed out her illustrious high school career with a 6th place finish in the 1600 and 10th place in the 3200. Rebecca French finished 18th in the 1600 and Karli Leighton and Anna Harbo finished 11th and 25th in the 3200.

Sara York picked up points in the 400 with a 7th place finish and Fay O'Donnell continued to run well with a 20th place finish in the event. Camila Ciembroniewicz finished 15th in the 800.

Cassie Kane finished 17th in the High Jump and Hope Langworthy finished 12th in the Pole Vault.

The Girls continued to excel in the 4 x 800 with a 4th place finish. The group consisted of Anna Harbo, Sara York, Katherine Leckbee, and Camila Ciembroniewicz. Sara York, Sadie Skinner, Camila Ciembroniewicz, and Katie Lynch passed the baton to a fifth place finish. The team of Cassie Kane, Fay O'Donnell, Maddie Young, and Zoe Stevenson ran to a 15th place finish in the 4 x 100.

May 29, 2018 - Bruce Kingdon Throws out Last First Pitch


May 23, 2018 - Eagles Make it 2 in a Row, Beat Seahawks 12-10

Jess Cloutier glides through the midfield
Jess Cloutier glides through the midfield

Right from the get-go, you had the sense that this game would be a doozie. It took all of 36 seconds for the Eagles to get on the board. Shannon Harty circled in front and hit a trailing Fiona Hoang on the Eagles bread-and-butter play to take a 1-0 lead. Just over a minute later, Erin Harty, moving left to right, made it 2-0. Were the Eagles going to run away with this game? Not so fast. Boothbay called a timeout. Whatever was said had an immediate effect as the Seahawks Hannah (Coca) Cola and Chloe Arsenault both scored to tie the game 2-2. From that point forward the teams traded goals. there were 9 ties and 10 lead changes with neither team gaining more than a 1 goal lead until the Eagles went up 12-10 with 10 minutes left in the game.

Ten seconds after the Seahawks tied the score, Casi Perow came up with a big save when she rejected a bouncer. A minute later Shannon Harty restored the Eagles lead when she placed her shot perfectly in the far upper corner. The Seahawks Sydney Meader countered when she finished a coast-to-coast jaunt. Fiona Hoang, disregarding any speed bumps along the way, threaded her way through traffic to make in 4-3, but a mere 8 seconds late, the Seahawks Jackie McLoon tied the game again. It was 4-4 just eight minutes into the game. The teams were scoring at a goal a minute pace. There was a scoring lull that lasted 3-1/2 minutes before scoring resumed with the teams combining for 5 goals in over the next 2-1/2 minutes. The Seahawks grabbed their first lead of the game, 5-4, on a Sydney Meader score. It took the Eagles Jess Cloutier all of 14 seconds to even the score again on a power drive and hard shot that hit the far post and caromed in. The Seahawks McLoon struck again to temporarily give Boothbay a 6-5 lead. The Eagles countered when Fiona Hoang converted a pass from Erin Harty and her shot found the upper right corner to tie the game yet again. At 11:06, Boothbay's Chloe Arsenault gave the Seahawks a 7-6 lead. It would be the last lead the Seahawks would enjoy.

Casi Perow stretches to make the save
Casi Perow stretches to make the save

There was another small hiatus in the scoring until the 7:47 mark when Fiona Hoang turned on her jets and flew in below the radar to tie the game at 7-7. Seconds later, Casi Perow shut down a Seahawk attacker with a big stuff on a breakaway. The Eagles took the lead when Madeline Daulerio, positioned perfectly ten feet off the far pipe on the weak side, cut to the net and Shannon Harty hit her with a crisp pass to give the Eagles an 8-7 lead. Take a deep breath here! Action slowed down a tad until the Seahawks tied the game with 2:40 left in the half.

The second half started out at the same frenetic pace as the first half. Forty-five seconds in, speedy Reese Turcotte moved up from her defensive position, darted in, and her low shot beat Seahawks goalie Page Brown. The score see-sawed back and forth. The Seahawks Hannah Cole scored on two end-to-end rushes sandwiched around a Fiona Hoang goal. The score was 10-10 with 16:49 left. The fast action continued, but both goalies stepped with a series of big saves. Casi Perow stuffed a Seahawk shooter on a penalty shot and Page Brown returned the favor in the Seahawks net when she stopped a Jess Cloutier penalty shot. At 12:43, Jess Cloutier spied Erin Harty in front and sent a pass her way. Erin caught the pass, pirouetted, and scored to give the Eagles an 11-10 lead, a lead they would not relinquish. Shannon Harty scored an insurance goal at 10:08 to extend the Eagles lead to 12-10.

Boothbay called a timeout, but there was no magic in the coach's words this time. The Eagles defense stiffened and forced several shots wide while the offense was content to control the ball and run out the clock. Casi Perow ended up with 14 saves and Boothbay's Page had 8 saves.

May 4, 2018 - Boys 100 Meter Dash at Lisbon

May 4, 2018 - Boys and Girls Hurdles at Lisbon

May 4, 2018 - Girls 100 Meter Dash at Lisbon



Official Mt Ararat sports schedule

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MONDAY, Aug 20

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Girls Soccer Scrimmage HOME vs Hall-Dale TBD @ Riverside Field

Boys Soccer Scrimmage HOME vs Hall-Dale 4:30 @ Riverside Field


Volleyball @ NYA 9:30

Field Hockey @ Mt View 9:30

Field Hockey @ Oceanview 3:00


Girls Soccer Scrimmage HOME vs Medomak Valley 10:00 @ Riverside Field

Boys Soccer Scrimmage HOME vs Scarborough 4:30 @ Riverside Field

FRIDAY, Aug 24

Golf HOME vs Lewiston @ Highland Green 3:30

Cross Country LaLiberte Invitational @ Cony 4:00


Field Hockey Drive Out Cancer Tournament @ MAMS 8:00

Football scrimmage vs Gray/ New Gloucester @ Topsham Fairgrounds 10:00

Girls Soccer Play Day @ Falmouth 12:00

Boys Soccer Play Day @ Gorham 1:00


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