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2015 Boys Soccer Season Recap

Coach Jack Rioux followed in the footsteps of legendary coach Rick Renaud, a task all job consultants would advise one not to do. Nevertheless, Jack took on the challenge. He inherited a very (very) young team. The team finished with a respectable 5-6-2 record. At the season's start, Jack opined that he thought his team would surprise some teams. Well, I think nobody was really surprised by how well the Eagles played, but they were certainly surprised by how exciting they were to watch. And they were exciting.

First, a nod to the seniors. Don't worry, this won't take long with only five seniors on the squad. Seniors James Hutchinson, Eli Timberlake, Alex Miranda, Evan Thibeault, and Kelton Rose all provided leadership and added their individual talents to the team. James Hutchinson was recognized for his level of play by being named to the First team All Conference. Evan Thibeault was recognized as the Outstanding Senior at Sports Awards Night and Cole Guerin was given the Coaches Award at Sports Awards Night. And they all won mtasports.com awards (see below).

It's not unusual for a freshman or two to make an impression in Girls Soccer, but in Boys Soccer, it happens much more infrequently, both because of skill and experience, but especially because of size. The Eagles started four freshmen regularly. Newcomer Travis Nadeau raised an eyebrow or two throughout the year with his speed and magical ball-handling skills. Jacob Sturgess was solid in all facets of the game at the midfield and showed poise beyond his years. Nick Merrill was a pillar of strength and stability at sweeper and Max Spelke showed a lot of spunk as well as a strong leg from the middle position. Hayden Libby was another talented freshman who logged substantial minutes and earned increasing minutes during crunch time as the season progressed.

Meanwhile, on defense, sophomore Gavin Patterson sacrificed a promising offensive career to return to net minding duties. Together with Junior Eliot Bowie, this duo provided a strong last line of defense for the Eagles. In front of them, Coach Rioux relied on the solid play of veterans James Hutchinson, Eli Timberlake, and Cole Guerin supplemented by new comers Dalton Streeter and Nick Merrill and Hayden Libby. Dalton made a name for himself with his monstrous throw-ins and Nick Merrill's ability to elevate in both the offensive and defensive end made him stand out in the crowd.

Jimmy Pelletier was a catalyst at midfield all year long. Jimmy P. brought his loping stride, his ability to work in traffic, and his aggressiveness to every game. Kyle Brown has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Combine that instinct with just the right amount of edgy attitude and you have a constant offensive threat. Sophomore Cole Kelly showed future promise with his goal scoring abilities and his hustling style of play. Alex Miranda displayed both his scoring touch and his persistence with his play in the offensive zone. Hank Gilson, Jason Halliday, and Orion Sargent all provided fresh legs and maximum effort during their time on the field.

Sophomores Ryan Glass, Devin Hoskins and freshmen Jason Halliday, Alex Bryant and Kody Noyes provided depth and gained experience that will benefit next year's team.

mtasports.com Awards

And now for the Awards. As always, these awards are given in a light-hearted spirit. If you did not receive an award, go ahead and make one up for yourself and e-mail it to me and I will publish it. Because if you read it here, you know it is true.

Award Winner
Blame it on Rio Award If you haven't seen this movie, don't! And of course, I, and nobody else with half a brain, blames Coach Rioux. In fact, I can envision the moment 30 years from now when Rick Renaud totters onto the field and congratulates Coach Rioux as the winningest coach in MTA history. I can wait for that moment, but I couldn't resist the pun today.
MVP Award goes to James "Clutch"inson. James has that rare combination of abilities that make him a coach's and teammate's dream. He has speed, athleticism, a powerful leg, and he makes good passes, takes good shots, and possesses good judgement. He has field vision, poise under pressure, and knows when to (and when not to) take a calculated risk. He has that Larry Bird-like quality of making every player on the team better.
The Lunch Pail Work Ethic Award goes to Eli Timberlake whose resiliency, hustle, and grit were omnipresent throughout the entire season and were big reason's for the his and the team's success. There is no doubt in my mind that these qualities that Eli possesses will serve him well going forward.
If it walks like a duck Award There's an old saw that states that "If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck." But what if it runs like a duck? Enter stage right, Evan Thibeault. He does kind of run like a duck, but a very fast duck who has ball handling skills and a scorer's instincts. Evan has overcome a lot during his athletic career at Mt Ararat, including heart surgery, and I have the utmost respect for the way he handles himself both on and off the field.
A rose is a rose is a Rose Award goes to Kelton (surprise) Rose. Kelton is one of those athletes who plays for the pure joy of sport. He works hard, enjoys every minute of participation, and continues to reap the benefits of the athletic experience all the while keeping his teammates entertained and loose.
Miranda Rights Award Alex Miranda uses his constitutional right to remain (mostly) silent off the field, but on the field, he let's his feet do the talking.
Rapper Song Award I not be faultin, but exaltin Assaultin Dalton for haltin the oppositon on the asphalt in Eagles Way or for reading John Galt in English class while drinking a malt in the Commons.
Adding Cole to the Fire Award When Coach Rioux needed to add a touch of instant offense and heat up the attack, all he needed to do was add some Cole to the fire. Cole Guerin's quickness and agility allowed him to move from defense to offense and provide an immediate impact.
Sargeant Master Award goes to Orion Sergeant. We're expecting Orion's play to be worthy of a promotion to Orion Master Sargent next year.
The Bigfoot Award goes to Jimmy P, who both literally and figuratively has a big foot. Who can forget Jimmy's bomb from 35 yards out that beat the Messalonskee keeper.
IOU Award I believe Owen Kelly is owen us a great season next year.
How'd he do that Award goes to Travis Nadeau. Let me count the ways he did it, but I can't even began to explain how he actually did it!
The Minimax Award goes to Max Spelke, who stature is mini, but whose play is maxi.
The Dan Patrick Above the Noise Award goes to Cody Noyes for obvious reasons.

Eagles & Dragons Fall Face-Off


Nov 21, 2015 - Eagles Start Fast, Beat Gorham 4-2

Erin Tome scored a hat trick and Kiely Hetherington scored the other goal as the Eagles skated to a 4-2 win over Gorham.

Nov 21, 2015 - 2nd and 3rd Period Hi-Lites vs Gorham

Click here to view photos.


Season Recap in Novella Form

Eddie Van Noted that Matt arrived just prior to the start in his Dono-Van. The Press woman was there to cover the story amd Emily was acting as word Smith for the school paper, which has a new French edition said Eric.

Matt Schott the starting gun and the race began. At the one mile mark, Reyanne crossed two Brooks and paid the Levy that Emma was collecting, but Eagan use the ElBridge to bypass the toll. Alec got Stuckeyed in the Reeds as Joey watched Sam Stride by. Griffin was Thurston for a drink at the water station, but Gideon barreled thru like an 18-Wheeler. "ReLexi" shouted Thompson as Aaron tried to Hyde from the Hunter who had several Chambers in his Beebe gun, noted Caitlyn. "Don't let my Papa see that" said Lindsey. "Well, it's no Skinner off my teeth," said Elenor. "Don't worry, I've got your Beck," said Maddy

"What was your tim, Zoe asked Cox. Was it even Steven, son?" "I don't know, I can't do the Mathieu," responded Jack. "Well, I won by a Meier" said Cam. In-gall's competition, Colin reported that Sara (the Older) was still on the Lamb and Sarah (the younger) took a wrong turn at York. "Noah!" cried Jasper and "Ickes" screamed Edwin, but Maddy and Katherine were more reserved as they intoned "Leck it be". They'll find their way back by the end of Summer" said Ms. Gray. Sam called out "I'll Gatch all of you before Keri goes to the Lachapelle or Miller reaches the Temple"

All the finishers got Candy Kanes and high fives from Cassandra, Baby Ruths from Bailey, and Bergers from Matt. "Have a nice Dau", said Tom as he waved goodbye to Josie.

Nov 14, 2015 - Katherine Leckbee and Cam Meier Compete at New England Championship

Katherine Leckbee and Cam Meier made the trek to Thetford, VT to compete in the New England Cross Country Championship. Both runners had strong races on a clear, but blustery day on a very challenging course. Katherine finished in 104th place and Cam finished in 115th place. Kudos to both runners on an excellent seasons.

Click here to view a complete season summary for each athlete.


Field Hockey Season Recap

The Field Hockey team finished with a 3-9-3 record. At first glance, that might not be considered a successful season, but with a few fortuitous bounces of the ball, it could have been a lot better. Nevertheless, the girls made it to the big dance, which was their primary goal for the season. In the quarter finals, they faced off against #1 rated Messalonskee, who was undefeated at that point. The Eagles knew they were up against it, but they also knew they had Haley Frizzle in goal who had made 57 saves in an earlier season 1-0 loss to Messalonskee. So hope sprung eternal. But Messalonskee ramped it up in the playoffs and ran off with a 7-0 win to end the Eagles season.

First, a nod to the Seniors. Maddy Alexander was an all-purpose player with a rocket for a shot and she was not shy about using it from anywhere on the field. Eva Jerome was a tireless, offensive fire plug and the Eagles primary offensive weapon. Meagan "Cash" Caouette fulfilled her (my) sobriquet by providing steady, consistent performances. Savannah Parry and Kendall Hamilton were mainstays on the defensive line who were adept at breaking up plays and initiating transitions to offense.

The Eagles started the season with multi-talented Thalia Couture singing a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. They followed her performance with a big overtime win against Lewiston. Magan Thomas-Copland scored the winning goal in double OT. It was one of the biggest plays of the season.

The next game was a 0-0 tie with Brunswick, a game dominated by the Eagles in every aspect except the scoreboard. Haley Frizzle was in fine form in the net for the Eagles and gave us a preview of how good she was going to be throughout the season. Eva Jerome, who was the Eagles leading scorer, used her speed and effort to score the winning goal in OT in a 2-1 win over Hampden. Porter Galvin went on a scoring binge with four goals in the two consecutive games. Sam Gonyea was a positive, steady player on the attack throughout the season. At midfield, the Eagles were able to supply plenty of fresh legs. Alana Weaver, Fiona Huang, Abby Malbon, Maddy Stover, Thalia Couture, Katie, Trebilcock, and Maddy Alexander all exhibited excellent ball handling skills as they maneuvered the ball up and down the field.

Laura Secone was a fortress on defense, flanked by Kendall Hamilton, who added speed and finesse and Savannah Parry, who contributed power and a strong sense of positional play.

mtasports.com Field Hockey Awards

Fall Sports Awards night is over, but there were some awards that they forgot to hand out. At mtasports.com, we are here to fill the void. These awards are given out in a light-hearted manner. And if you did not get an award, feel free to make one up and award it to yourself. And remember, if you read it here, it must be true.

Award Honoree
MVP Award Maddy Alexander is not the fastest girl on the team, nor is she the best stick handler. What she is is the girl who the whole team looks to lead the team. She steps up and controls the game in the offensive end and the defensive end at all important junctures of the game.
The Energizer Bunny Award goes to Evangeline Jerome who just keeps going, and going, and going, etc.
Elton John Award goes to Kendall (in the Wind) Hamilton
Secone to No One Award goes to Laura Secone whose play was Secone to None
Best Nickname Award Sometimes the simplest is the best. Magan Thomas-Copland is somewhat of a mouthful, but TC seems to fit just perfectly.
The Good, the Bad (but not the Ugly) Award goes to Abby Malbon. Mal connotes bad; bon means good. In this case, the good far outweighed the bad (if any).
High Fashion Award goes to Thalia "Haute Couture"
The Tin Man Trophy After I agonized and analyzed, romanticized, rhapsodized, and fantasized, randomized then organized, and without dramatizing, maximizing, or patronizing, and based on her play that tantalized, I present this award to the girl who galvanized this team, Porter Galvin
Good Samaritan Award Opponents may have thought that Savannah Parry played like a monster, but off the field she was excessively considerate. Rusty Wilkins seconds the nomination.
Red Rover Award Red rover, red rover, sent Maddy (Stover) right over.
Ceci's Pizza Player of the Year You didn't think I would forget Alana, did you?
Best Hair goes to Thalia Couture
Going, Going, Gonyea Award goes to Sam Gonyea, who isn't going anywhere. She'll be back next year.

Accolades Keep Pouring in

The Fall Sports Award ceremony was held Nov 4. Here is a summary of the recipients of the Coaches Award, Outstanding Senior Award, and All Academic Award recipients. Additionally, the KVAC has released its first and second team selections.

Fall 2015 Mt Ararat Athletics Outstanding Senior Award

Sport Honoree
Varsity Football Garrett Bolduc
Varsity Boys Soccer Evan Thibeault
Varsity Girls Soccer Vanessa Balser
Varsity Field Hockey Eva Jerome
Boys Cross Country Matt Berger
Girls Cross Country Emma Levy
Varsity Cheering Courtney Rogers

Fall 2015 Mt Ararat Athletics Coaches Award

Sport Honoree
Varsity Football Kyle Benjamin
JV Football Garrett Moody
Boys Varsity Soccer Cole Guerin
Boys JV Soccer Kelton Rose
Boys Freshman Soccer Thomas Davison
Girls Varsity Soccer Jordan Chase
Girls JV Soccer Shannon Harty, Brooke Matthews
Varsity Field Hockey Haley Frizzle
JV Field Hockey Abby Malbon
Varsity Golf Mark Abreu
Boys Cross Country Eric French
Girls Cross Country Sara Lamb
Varsity Cheering Eerica Davis

KVAC All Conference Selections

Sport Honoree
Football Robert Hetherman
Boys Varsity Soccer James Hutchinson - 1st Team Travis Nadeau - 2nd Team
Girls Varsity Soccer Torri Pelletier - 1st Team Anna Manuel - 2nd Team
Varsity Field Hockey Maddy Alexander - 2nd Team
Varsity Field Hockey Haley Frizzle - 2nd Team
Varsity Field Hockey Eva Jerome - 2nd Team
Varsity Golf Cam Cox
Boys Varsity Cross Country Cam Meier Eagen Eldridge
Girls Varsity Cross Country Katherine Leckbee

Oct 31, 2015 - Windjammers Sail past Eagles 3-0

Katelyn Cox advances the ball in the open field
Katelyn Cox advances the ball in the open field

It was a beautiful, sunny Halloween Day with blue skies and clean, crisp air. The Eagles were planning on tricking Camden with an upset, but it turned out that the Windjammers treated themselves to a 3-0 win over the Eagles. It was one of those days where things just didn't go the (73) Eagles way. Combine that with facing the #1 seed and undefeated Camden Hills and, well, that's a tough combination to overcome. Camden seemed to be playing with a little more purpose than they exhibited in the final regular season game at Mt Ararat.

After both teams felt each other out in the opening minutes, Camden Hills struck first. After Lauren Labbay made a nice sliding tackle, the ball bounced fortuitously to Camden's Charlotte Messer. Charlotte recovered nicely, moved in, and picked the far corner with a perfectly executed, perfectly placed shot to give the Windjammers a 1-0 lead less than four minutes into the game. The goal seemingly put the wind behind the Windjammer's back the rest of the game.

Around the 31-minute mark, Jordie Chase, who played with reckless abandon the entire game, made a nice defensive break up as she came in from the side and collided (legally) with the Camden attacker. Camden kept the pressure on and sent a loose ball in front, but there was no one home to convert. Mt Ararat's first shot didn't come until inside the 30 minute mark and it was a long shot by Anna Manuel that resulted in a relatively easy save for Camden's keeper Jana Speiker. Camden continued to pressure. Kassie Krul launched a high shot that arced over the Eagle's net. The Windjammers followed with some exquisite ball movement that led to a nice centering pass, but no one was home to collect. Five minutes later, Jordie Chase made another nice sliding tackle to break up a Camden penetration. The Eagles immediately counter attacked with their best chance of the half. Erin Tome broke in on the right, used her speed to beat two defenders, and set up perfectly for a hard shot that the Windjammers' Speiker was able to corral.

Kate Guerin challenges Camden's Bryn Anderson and makes a leg save
Kate Guerin challenges Camden's Bryn Anderson and makes a leg save

Camden kept pressing on offense. Taylor Weinckowski made a nice defensive play to break up a Windjammer foray. The Windjammers persisted and increased their lead to 2-0 on a 2 on 1 break when Emma Gutheinz converted a perfect Bryn Anderson centering pass into an open net. Eagles keeper Kate Guerin kept the game close when she tipped a Camden shot off the cross bar and then alertly covered up as the ball dangled dangerously along the goal line. Kate came up with another beauty at the five minute mark to keep the score at 2-0. Tori Pelletier gave some hope to the Eagles offense when she pranced in on the right side after some acrobatic moves along the sideline to keep the ball in play. Her shot sailed wide far side. The half ended with the Eagles trailing 2-0.

Nikki Bradstreet returned to action in the second half and added some instant offense. At the 35-minute mark, she unleashed a centering pass from deep in the corner that just eluded the waiting foot of Karly McCourt. At the other end, Kate Guerin came out her net smartly and smothered a shot by an onrushing Camden attacker. At the 26:23 mark, Camden had a free kick. The ball careened in front of the net and Camden's Eliza Roy pounced on the ball to score with an assist going to Charlotte Messer.

The Eagles kept plugging with the sisters Pelletier being the main protagonists. Working together intuitively, they always seem to know where the other one is and more importantly, they always seem to be able to deliver the ball. They continued to do so, but were unable to penetrate a now very conservative Windjammer defense. At 20 minute mark, the Windjammers had a chance to put the game away after being awarded a penalty kick for a hand ball violation in the box. But Kate Guerin out psyched Camden's Charlotte Messer and Charlotte's shot scorched wide. Minutes later Kate Guerin made two more consecutive, sprawling saves before Jordie Chase was able to clear the ball.

At the other end, Tori Pelletier's shot from 20-yards away was turned away by Jana Speiker. Shortly thereafter, at the 13:18 mark, Speiker found herself in no man's land and way out of the net. She managed to cover up the ball eventually, but she had to leave the game with what appeared to be a hip injury. Here's hoping that she is well for her next game. Camden's freshman keeper Isabelle Lang came into hold the fort and she did so. At the other end, Kate Guerin continued to sparkle in net for the Eagles. She leapt and batted away a Camden free kick. The Eagles were desperate to get on the board, but the fates were not with them this day. Erin Tome delivered a hard shot from the right that was saved at the 7-minute mark. Nikki Bradstreet made a dazzling move to beat her defender. Her centering pass pass eluded two Eagles before Chloe Beattie picked it up on the far side and drilled a shot high. Tori and Roni Pelletier, playing in their last game together, continued to put on a show in the final minutes with no-look, connecting passes. Ronni had a couple of shots off the exchanges, but her first shot was saved and her header soared wide.

It was a good game between two competitive teams. If these two teams played each other ten times, I believe the outcome would be 5-5. However, on this day, Camden proved they were the better team. Good luck to them in the finals.

Girls Soccer season recap coming soon!


Oct 24, 2015 - Eddies Edge Eagles 2-1 in OT

It was a tight checking game from start to finish. The question was which team would capitalize on the limited opportunities that the game presented. Edward Little's Mohammed Abdraba provided the answer when he tucked his shot inside the left post past the dive of Eagles goaltender, Eliot Bowie.

The Eagles Evan Thibeault had given the Eagles a 1-0 lead in the first half, only to see it evaporate 12 seconds later when Mohammed Abdraba scored on a long shot to tie the game at 1-1. Edward Little continued to control play the remainder of the first half but the Eagles defense and keeper kept them off the board.

The Eagles had the territorial advantage in the second half. Jimmy Pelletier had the best chance when he broke in and sent a hard shot on net. But the Eddies Owen Mower came up with he best save of the day to thwart the attempt.

Oct 23, 2015 - Hi-Lites vs Morse by Greg Emerson


Oct 23, 2015 - Eagles Lose Thriller 28-21 to Morse

Robert Hetherman breaks a tackle
Robert Hetherman breaks a tackle

It was a rivalry game that included everything that a rivalry game should. There was plenty of big plays, good hitting, momentum changes, and, of course, controversial officiating. The relatively small crowd more than compensated by creating an electric atmosphere with alternating crescendos of cheers for their teams. The outcome wasn't decided until the final play of the game when Morse intercepted a pass intended for Garrett Moody, who was either tripped by a gremlin or flattened by a Morse defender on the goal line. The Eagles were trying to come back from a 21-7 deficit early in the fourth quarter. The Eagles got back into the game with a Jacob O'Neill to Garrett Moody 6-yard touchdown pass and a two-point conversion by Alex LaFountain that narrowed the Morse lead to 21-15 with 4:09 left. The Eagles tried an onside kick, but Morse recovered. The Eagles defense came up big by forcing and recovering a fumble at the MTA 40. A Jacob O'Neill to Ryan Mello pass along the sideline gained 20 yards to the Morse 40. O'Neill then scrambled 23 yards and completed successive 5 yard button-hooks to Jake Steinman that produced another first down. Alex LaFountain bulled his way from 12 yards out for the tieing TD. The PAT attempt was blocked and the game was tied with 1:22 left. Morse answered immediately when Damon Osmond returned the kickoff 70 yards for the lead TD with 1:11 left. The Eagles still had some gas in the tank. Robert Hetherman, who was bruising Morse tacklers all night long, returned the kickoff to the Eagles 49. After a sack and two incomplete passes, the Eagles were facing a 4 and 21. No problem. Jacob O'Neill hooked with Ryan Mello for a 51-yard bomb to the Morse 21 with 47 seconds left. But the Eagles took four shots at the end zone, but they ran out of magic.

Alex McCarthy prepares to center the ball
Alex McCarthy prepares to center the ball

Morse received the opening kickoff and Damon Osmond ran for a first down, before the Shipbuilders were forced to punt. The Eagles were three and out on their first possessor and Morse's Osmond gave the Shipbuilders good field position with a return to MTA's 40. Morse's offense stalled when Dylan Schenck introduced himself to Mr Osmond with a crunching tackle. The Eagles took over on downs at their own 38. They drove the length of the field primarily behind the legs of Robert Hetherman. After they picked up three first downs, Jake O'Neill scrambled out of the pocket and hit Ethan Minchin in the end zone for a 27-yard TD pass. A Jacob Steinman PAT made it 7-0 with 2:20 left in the first quarter. Mores began a drive of their own starting at their own 32. The big play was run off a fake reverse to Damon Osmond that went for 38 yards to the Eagle 10-yard line. Morse ran the exact same play and this time the Eagles dropped Osmond for a 1-yard loss as the first quarter ended with the Eagles leading 7-0. The lead was short-lived as Morse scored on the first play of the second quarter when Morse's Connor Upham hit Tyler York with an 11-yard TD pass.

The Eagles mounted another strong drive. Robert Hetherman broke free on an amazing run where he shook off several solid hits in the backfield, kept his balance, reversed field, and bounced over and through several more Morse tacklers before he came to rest at the Morse 45. It was truly a five-star, ESPN hi-lite reel performance. An Alex LaFountain reception gave the Eagles a first down at the Morse 33. A Hetherman rush, a Morse offside penalty, and an 11-yard run by Hetherman placed the ball at the Morse 11. The drive fizzled when Morse's Tyler York intercepted a pass at the goal line and returned it to the Morse 35. Morse's drive faltered when Robert Hetherman layed a 14 yard loss on QB Upham that forced a punt. Morse's James Lovett lofted a punt and got nice roll that Morse downed at the Eagles one-yard line. The next play was full of controversy. The Eagles lined up in the I-formation and ran the ball up the middle. There was little forward progress, but apparently no whistle. Eventually the ball was on the ground. The play was ruled a fumble and Morse recovered on the 1-yard line. After much discussion among the officials, the ruling stood. Needless to say, Coach LaFountain was not a happy camper. The Eagles defense stopped the initial run for no gain. On the next run, Morse's Matthew Belanger extended his arm with the football and broke the plane as he went down. Morse led 14-7 with 1:30 left in the half. That's the way the half ended.

Jacob O'Neill outruns the defense
Jacob O'Neill outruns the defense

The Eagles opened the second half at their own 40. Jake O'Neill saw some open real estate and ran a QB draw for a gain of 27 yards to the Morse 33. Robert Heatherman bulled his way for another first down, but again the Eagles were intercepted at the one-yard line. Morse ran for a first down before they were forced to punt after an upending tackle by Jacob O'Neill. The Eagles took over at the Morse 48. Robert Hetherman picked up a first down before the Eagles turned the ball over on downs at the Morse 28. It was three and out for the Shipbuilders as Alex LaFountain popped a Morse receiver with a big hit to break up a pass and Ryan Mello leaped to deflect a pass away from the intended receiver. The Eagles turned the ball over when a pitch out and pass play backfired. Morse intercepted and returned the ball to the Eagles 18 yard line with 1:32 left in the third quarter. Morse advanced to the Eagles 2-yard line before a bad snap set up a a 3rd and 14 situation as the fourth quarter started. Morse QB Connor Upham lofted a perfect pass to a leaping Arius Eich with Jacob O'Neill draped all over him in perfect coverage. Eich made a superlative play to catch the ball and give Morse a 21-7 lead.

The Eagles next drive started deep in their own territory. Jacob O'Neill quickly advanced the ball 23 yards to the Eagles 34 with a nifty run. A Jacob O'Neill hit Robert Hetherman with a 40 yard completion to the Morse 36-yard line. The next paly was a long pass to Alex LaFountain at the goal line. The ball bounced in and out of both Alex's and the defender's hands before it was ruled an interception at the Morse 3-yard line. The Eagles then started their comeback effort.

It was a fun, exciting, and well-played game, but a bittersweet ending for the Eagles, especially for the seniors. Turnovers really hurt the Eagles as they have all season.


Oct 23, 2015 - Cam Cox Finishes 3rd in State Championship

On a cold, blustery day that was definately not golf-friendly. Mt Ararat's Cam Cox overcame the elements and most of the competition to finish 3rd in the State Champsionship match held at the Natanis Golf Course in Bangor. Cam scored a 75 on the par 72 course. Cole Anderson, a 14-year-old freshman at Camden Hills, shot a 72 to capture the Class A Boys title.



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