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Season Recaps and Video Tributes

This is the seventh in a series of Season Tribute Videos for each winter sport.


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Nordic Ski Team Season Video Tribute


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Boys Hockey Season Video Tribute

Boys Hockey Season Recap

The Boys finished with a 3-15 record. That's not going to get you a Duck Boat parade, but there were several bright spots throughout the season. Let's start with a nod to the Seniors. During his four-year career, Ben Bishop has been a solid two-way player as well a solid citizen. In addition, he has played goalie when needed in a pinch. One of the captains this year, he led the team with 14 goals and 23 points. Fellow line mate and co-captain Kyle Lussier was a strong skater with speed and a sniper-like shot. Co-captain Tyler O'Connor was a mainstay on the blue line. Whether he was breaking up plays, clearing the puck, shooting from the point, or directing the power play, he always made heady decisions and provided leadership to a young defensive corps..

Jon Roux was a Senior walk-on with no prior formal hockey experience. A goalie for the Boys soccer team, Jon figured that was his natural position. His poise, positioning, and patience belied his inexperience as he looked like he had been playing goalie his whole life. He saw plenty of shots and kept the Eagles in many games.

A special tribute to seniors and first-year players Parker Woodhouse and Nate Brewer who did not see any varsity action, but still attended those early morning practices. They were playing for the love of competition and the game.

There were plenty of rising stars to fill in the ranks next season. Juniors Mark Abreu and Andrew Gardiner, who missed half the season with a concussion, will lead the defensive corps next season. They will get support from Riley Austin, Cam Grant, and Matt Lawrence all of whom displayed good positioning and solid play this season. They will only get better. Up front, Tyler Halls flashed his speed and moves all season. Tyler LeCascio proved himself a strong skater along with grit, hustle, and hockey sense. Stephen Schuman came into his own toward the end of the season and capped his season off by scoring the winning goal in OT vs Skowhegan. Bad Brad Boulet, Austin Fournier and Orion Sergeant all showed their scoring touch in their sophomore year. Sophomore Parker Lacey saw plenty of action between the pipes and he demonstrated he is ready for more action next year. Nick Cantor will provide competition for him in the nets. Jason Magno, Shane Pennell, Noah Buiniskas, Owen Kelly, Reece Rustad, and Sam Alexander should continue to improve and give the Eagles much needed depth.

MTASports.com Boys Hockey Awards

It's that time of year. Sure, there are All Conference selections, All Academic selections, and Awards Night Senior and Coaches awards to be handed out, but here are the coveted mtasports.com awards. As always, these awards are issued in good humour. And if you did not get an award, go ahead and make one up for yourself. You deserve it. You can even email me with your award and I will post it, because if you read it on mtasports.com, it must be true.

The Casco Kid Award goes to Lisbon's sophomore Tyler LaCascio.
Halls of Montezuma Award goes to Tyler Halls. Tyler is actually from Lisbon, but they don't have such a stirring song (that I know of).
The Rising Star Award goes to Orion Sergeant. Orion can be seen nightly in the northern skies (clouds permitting). Every 2727 years his belt is perfectly aligned over the three pyramids of Egypt.
Big Ben Award Award goes to Ben Bishop for his commanding presence, precise timing, and symbolic importance.
Best Hair Award goes to Andrew Gardiner.
Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Award v2.0 goes to Mark Abreu. This is the lite version of the original version 1.0, but just as dynamic.
Best Nickname Award goes to Jon "Kanga" Roo.

Girls Hockey Season Recap Video


Rebecca Schuman and Alison Nolan Selected to Play in the Senior All Star Game

Congratulations to Rebecca Schuman and Alison Nolan who were selected in the first round draft to play in the Senior All Star Game

MTASports.com Girls Hockey Awards

It's that time of year. Sure, there are All Conference selections, All Academic selections, and Awards Night Senior and Coaches awards to be handed out, but here are the coveted mtasports.com awards. As always, these awards are issued in good humour. And if you did not get an award, go ahead and make one up for yourself. You deserve it. You can even email me with your award and I will post it, because if you read it on mtasports.com, it must be true.

I was a Teenage Cardboard Cut-Out Award goes to Alison Nolan. Three years ago, in Mt Ararat's first varsity season, Coach Ron Hutchins received bad news two days before their first game. MTA's goalie announced she could not play that season. Coach looked around the locker room seeking volunteers. Alison was either scratching her head or raising her hand. Anyhow, she ended up between the pipes in the second game. She indeed looked like one of those stationary, cardboard cut-out figures who stood motionless as pucks whizzed all around her. Fast-forward three years and there is Alison gliding effortlessly across the crease, making split saves, pad saves, stick saves, and glove saves and every other kind of save there is. She kept the Eagles in every single game this season. Now, no one has ever said that goalies are normal and Alison fits that description to a tee (but in a delightful way). Just remember, if you are ever on the ice with Alison, do not venture into her crease.
She's Only HUMAN Award goes to Rebecca ScHUMAN. Actually Rebecca is not only human, she is super human. She played offense, she played defense, she seemingly played offense and defense at the same time. She scored goals and she blocked shots. She hustled every minute, every shift whether the Eagles were ahead by one or behind by ten. She was an inspiration to all who watched her.
Most Improved Award goes to Chelsea ScharOLD. I actually knew Chelsea when she was Chelsea ScharYOUNG. Frankly, she wasn't very good back then, Now that she is ScharOLDER, she has turned into a rock-steady defenseman who turns opposing attackers and pucks aside with equal aplomb.
Double Trouble Award goes to the Burch sisters. Is an explanation really necessary for why the sisters won this award? OK, here's a PG version: New TV sitcom series where older sis Natalie is constantly getting into trouble only to have Isabel arrive on the scene and make things exponentially worse. Disaster Hilarity ensues.
The Sock it "To Me" Award goes to Erin Tome. I could write tomes about Erin's athletic abilities, but is so much easier just to hand her this award again. And once again, this award stays within the Tome family. They may be sick of it, but I obviously am not.
The God Blessington You Award goes to Isa Blessington (achoo). When Isa is not going around blessing people, she is busy tearing up and down the ice. She is one of the fastest skaters on team.
Wrong Occupation Award goes to Heather Diver. Heather, whose surname suggest her career should be in H2O of the liquid sort rather than the frozen variety, further complicates my reality by also being a figure skater. Heather, I've been watching figure skating for years and still cannot tell the difference between a lutz and an axel. Please help me.
I'm Your Private Dancer Award goes to Bailey Charron. All she needs is a pole - or a hockey stick.
The DNA Duck Award goes to Kiely Hetherington. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. If it skates like a Hetherington, stick-handles like a Hetherington, and shoots like a Hetherington, it is a Hetherington. Thanks Nellie, for teaching Kiely everything you know. But it now appears that Kiely knows more than you.
Not a Clue-y Award goes to Chloe Beattie who definitely has a clue, not to mention a bright future on the ice. It is I that doesn't have a clue in making this award, which means that my bag of awards is done.

Season Summary

The Girls finished with a 2-15-1 record. At first blush, this may not seem like a very successful season. Considering that the Girls Varsity team is only in their third season puts that record into a more glass half full perspective. The Girls suffered two overtime losses and another tow other closes games. The Eagles were one strong skater and a couple of pucks bouncing their way from a .500 record. The popularity of Girls hockey is growing by leaps and bounds. The Eagles had their largest team in numbers and were able to field a JV team. The participants included many blue chip athletes who had limited exposure to hockey and even skating. But the talent is in the pipeline and the results should be forthcoming.

Let's start with a tip of the hat to our four seniors. Rebecca Schuman and Alison Nolan both started three years ago with no hockey experience. This year both players were selected to play in the Senior All-Star game. They've come a long way, baby. Chelsea Scharold also started from scratch and through hard work and practice developed into a steady blue-liner. Allison Allisot joined the team as a senior. Though she saw limited Varsity action, she brought enthusiasm and a positive attitude to the team. Juniors Natalie Burch, Erin Tome, Kayla Richardson, and Ronni Pelletier, who really developed toward the end of the season, provide a strong nucleus for next year. Tabbi Parr mastered the fundamentals this year and should be part of the action next year.

Sophomore Marilyn Daniel is the heir apparent in the goal and saw some Varsity action as well as all the JV games. Kiely Hetherington completed her second varsity season and showed that she is the leader of the team both on and off the ice. Kiely's skating skills are as good as any one in the league. She can skate, stick-handle, and shoot. She also brings a hockey attitude every game. Mikaila Cloutier finished her first year as an Eagle and she fulfilled the promise she showed in the Middle school program. Kiely and Mikaila provide a potent 1-2 punch for the Eagles. Isabel Burch brings her feistiness to the game, Isa Blessington has speed and ability, and Bailey Charron has the intangibles. She is a person you want on your team. Kat MacDonald and Bella Slocum continue to improve and add depth.

There were two freshmen defensemen that saw more and more Varsity action as the season progressed. Both Kayleigh Temple and Chloe Beattie are competitive players whose improvement yo could see from game to game. The other freshmen, Karli Jo Clark, Eola Saucier, Erin Venard, Junie Nelson, and Heather Diver, all played and practiced hard and should provide more help next year.

Final individual statistics to be posted soon.

Feb 18, 2015 - Nordic Ski Team Compilation at State Championship by Greg Emerson

Feb 17, 2015 - Boys Nordic Ski Team Explain Their Strategy by Greg Emerson

Andrew McCracken Clears 13 feet to Place 2nd in the Pole Vault at the State Championship

Feb 16, 2015 - Eagles, Schuman Beat Lawrence/Skowhegan 3-2 in OT

Feb 16, 2015 - 3rd Period Hi-Lites of 3-2 OT Win Over Lawrence/Skowhegan


Feb 10, 2015 - Brewer Ends Eagles Season, 60-48

It was a game with large momentum swings with both teams surging at various junctures of the game. Both teams exchanged leads early, but it was the Eagles who held a 14-11 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Witches surged in the second quarter behind the shooting and rebounding of Matt Pushard to take a solid, but not insurmountable 32-24 lead at the half.

The Eagles showed quiet determination in the third quarter as they steadily closed the gap. A Kevin Carter jumper and a Shy Ulrickson lay up at the buzzer narrowed the Brewer lead to a single point, 39-38 at the end of three.

Kevin Carter stepped up with a big basket to open the final quarter that gave Mt Ararat a 41-40. Things were looking pretty good for the Eagles. But it was the Witches who stole the momentum, rattling of 13 straight points and shutting down the Eagles offense. There was less than a minute and a half left in the game before the Eagles scored again on an Avery Desjardins three-pointer.

Matt Pushard led Brewer with 26 points and 13 rebounds. Shy Ulrickson led the Eagles with 17 points and Mike Crawford added 11.

Feb 3, 2015 - Mt Ararat Cheerleaders Perform at Halftime of Girls Basketball vs Lewiston

Feb 3, 2015 - Tim Cox Plays the National Anthem before the Girls Basketball Game vs Lewiston

Jan 31, 2015 - Boys Basketball Senior Night



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