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The Boys scrimmaged against Brunswick in preparation for the season opener ... View photos


The Girls scrimmaged against Lisbon in preparation for the season opener ... View photos


How well do you know your athletes? Can you match the scars to the faces? ... Read more


The Eagles Girls Hockey team officially kicked off the Mt Ararat winter ... Read more


Match the Scar to the Athlete Contest

How well do you know your athletes and fans? Can you match the scars to the faces? E-mail me with your answers to win a free one-year subscription to www.mtasports.com and a free, fully paid, two-hour round-trip to Pownal, Maine. Or you can just look below for the answers. .

1 a
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E
6 F
7 G
8 H
9 J


1-C Alyssa Curit: 2-F Katie Labbay; 3-E Brooke Matthews; 4-A Ana Knight, 5-G Lindsey Cornelison; 6-H Cha Cha Jerome; 7-B Kelly LaFountain's Dad; 8-D Coach Kelly LaFountain; 9-J Kaitlyn Hutchins.

Let's have no more of these contests.

Kieley Hetherington clears the puck out of the defensive end
Kieley Hetherington clears the puck out of the defensive end

Nov 22, 2014 - Blue Devils Ice Eagles, 7-0

The Eagles Girls Hockey team officially kicked off the Mt Ararat winter sports season with a game against Lewiston at the recently renovated Colisée. The Eagles are still a fledgling program and they have lots of new first-time players. The good news is lot of these players are talented athletes and should develop quickly. Lewiston, on the other hand, is an experienced team with years of skating skills under their belts.

Lewiston raced out to an early lead with two goals in the first two minutes and added three more goals before the period was over. Alison Nolan was between the pipes for the Eagles and her play will keep the Eagles in most of the games they have this year. All Lewiston's goals came on breakaways or rebounds and Ali could hardly be faulted on any of them.

It was hard to tell the players without a program and because they wear helmets, but old familiar players Rebecca Schuman, Kayla Richardson, Chelsea Scharold, and Kiely Hetherington stood out. One of the most pleasurable aspects of watching the Girls play is seeing how much they improve over the course of the year. I am sure we will be singing the praises of more girls as the season progresses.


Girls Soccer Recap - a Novella

In the Stilphen of the Knight, the Girls quietly put together a strong Ronnie to the Regional finals. Eliza observed as Coach Chard developed this Hodge podge of talent. On offense, Nikki operated at the corner of Eagles Way and Bradstreet. James Bond fans were screaming "Live and Let Libby" score (and she did). Chloe consistently Beattie her way past defenders to the goal. And Summer showed more moves than "50 Shades of Gray". Meanwhile, Ms. Pelletier showed whe was not a Tory as she scored from both the right wing and left wing and all points in between. "Eureka!" cried out Everett as Taylor seamlessy weaved her way through creases in the defense. Ms. Leech was living the life of Ryley, scoring from outside of Bradstreet. Christine was pristine in her play at midfield. Summer Beckoned to Rachel and advised her not to put all her Eggleston in one basket. "That's Nat a lie" cried Isabel. Jordan cut to the Chase and Erin said "pass it Tome" as she watched the Skills Ms. Whitney displayed. Meanwhile Kaitlyn showed she was not "just plain Volks" with her play.

On defense, Lauren claimed a Land Grant in the area in front of the goal that prevented all squatters from getting too comfortable and the other Lauren imposed her Williams to keep the ball out of the net. Anna needed a Manuel to identify the K-girls (Kaitlyn Cox, Kaitlyn Hutchins, and Kate Guerin) whose collective superlative defensive play was consistent throughout the season.

The future stars were just as impressive, In goal, Sabrina Paetow-ed to no one while not many offensive players Weathered their way past MacKenzie.

The season was exemplified by the play of Laura Streeter Car Named Desire. Eola showed her flair with a pinch of her special Saucier that Shannon thought was Hale and Harty play. Tabby thought it was more than Parr for the course. Karly kept the ball in her McCourt while Keri waltzed down the field like she was going to the Lachappelle. Mikala did not Dwelleyon Angel or

Try as I may, 
I can't make Labbay. 
fit into the novella,
so here's what I say 
to the sisters Labbay
and I sing it a cappella.

For your excellent play
You deserve a bouquet,
See you on the parquet.
And good luck with your patella.

mtasports.com Girls Soccer Awards

As always, these awards are given out in a light-hearted manner. If you did not receive an award, don't be shy, make one up for yourself and send it to me. Because if it's printed here, it must be true.

Most Overlooked Award I understand that inevitably some players are left off All-Conference teams that deserve to be on them. But I can not reconcile the omission of Libby Ouellette. so Libby, FWIW, you're #1 in my voting.
Photographer's Dream Award goes to Torri Pelletier, who is always in the middle of the action, is agile, acrobatic and has the best facial expressions.
Rookie of the Year Award goes to Katelyn Hutchins who never ceased to amaze with her postioning, decision-making, and strong and accurate foot
Sharpest Elbows Award Maybe Libby didn't get named to the All Conference team, but she definately makes the Sharpest Elbows team
Most Improved Award goes to Ronnie Pelletier whose hard work turned into more minutes which turned into more success. Tori who?
Best Children's Book Award goes to Ana Good Knight Moon

Golf Season Recap (Kind of)

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself I would give more coverage to the Golf team than I had in previous years. In short, I had good intentions, but the road to you know where is paved with good intentions. After an initial pre-season photos shoot, I did not cover another match. Mea culpa!

So here is an interview with three Eagles golfers who qualified for the State Championship. In the interview, we joke about the "Good Sportsmanship Award" (unanimously attributed to Tyler's mom's cookies at 4:40), but just listen to their unsolicited tribute to Coach Bart (7:27), and you know they really did deserve it.

Interview with T J Ackerman, Cam Cox, and Tyler O'Connor

Oct 11, 2014 - State Team Championship

After winning an upset victory in the KVAC Qualifier, Rick Bartlett's Mt. Ararat High School golf team surprised him by winning the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference qualifier on Tuesday. The Eagles finished 7th overall and were again the first KVAC team in the Championship round.

Cam Cox led the Eagles with a 77 and Tyler O'Connor and T J Ackerman both logged 83s. Steve Schuman shot a 91 and Jason Magno finished with a 104.

Oct, 2014 - Eagles Come up Big at KVAC Championship

Tyler O'Connor (76), Cam Cox (79), TJ Ackerman (80) and Steve Schuman (86) put it all together when it counted and gave Mt. Ararat upset victory over previously unbeaten Oxford Hills by two strokes. The next generation of Eagles golfers, Jason Magno and Sawyer Watson shot 88 and 98 respectively for Mt Ararat


Football Season Recap

The Eagles finished with a 1-7 record which isn't going to get you any Duck Boat parades. Yet, the Eagles showed plenty of forward progress. The big bugaboo remained giving up the big play. Take away those big plays and it would have been a different season for the Eagles. The Eagles put together more sustained offensive drives this year than they have in any recent years. Both their passing game and running game were strong, which is indicative of solid line play. And their kicking game was impressive. The defense was solid despite a few aforementioned lapses.

Let's start with the seniors, most of whom have dedicated four years of their high school careers in pursuit of excellence on the field. Their efforts may not have shown in the win/loss column, but their perseverance and positive attitude do not go unnoticed here, nor will they in their future endeavors.

Mike "the Train" Tran closed out his four years at Mt Ararat with a well-deserved first team All-Conference selection. Mike was the defensive leader, calling signals and leading the team in tackles. "The Train" has left the station, but his legacy lives on. Jason "Paint-it" Black took his cue from Mick Jagger as he painted many opposing runners black (and blue) with his heavy hits from the linebacker position. Nate Brewer was one fired-up, inspirational leader playing two ways. Nate was a crushing blocker from his guard position, a bruising tackler at linebacker, and an inspiration on the sidelines. Charlie Gill and Colin Coffin toiled in relative anonymity in the trenches, but both players made valuable contributions throughout the season.

Co-captain an QB Dylan Johnson took a lot of lickings during his two-year tenure at QB. This year he led a highly-productive offense with his ball-handling and passing skills. Dylan also got a chance to hand out some licks on defense where earned a reputation as a hard hitter and efficient pass defender. Jake Schoenberg returned to the scene after taking a year's sabbatical and showed he hadn't lost a step as he electrified the crowd the his swivel-hipped running style. Chris Giroux also returned and showed flashes of brilliance before an injury ended his season.

When QB Dylan Johnson injured his hand and missed two games, back-up QB Kyle Benjamin stepped right in and filled his shoes. Kyle showed poise and passing ability. The Eagles had a stable of tall, lanky receivers who were all fast, possessed good moves, and sure hands. Alex LaFountain had a big season hauling in passes both long and short and played a mean defense. Jacob Steinman and Kyle "Open by a Mile" Brennan are cut from the same cloth as Alex and both Kyles had their share of clutch catches. All these receivers and QB Kyle Benjamin will be back next year.

Running backs Robert Heatherman and Dante Dangerfield provided additional power running both inside and outside. If you needed three yards, Robert would get you four. If you needed four yards, Robert would get you five If yo needed 5, well, you get the point. Brother John literally was following in Robert's footsteps. Both Heathermens played an aggressive defense and will provide the backbone of next year's team. Dante Dangerfield is your prototypical power back, but he has the ability and speed to turn the "three-yard cloud of dust" run into a long gainer.

Underclassmen Dylan Schenck, Alex McCarthy, Leon Perreault, Peter Lavan, Stephen Johnson, Christian Chappetta, Kiefer McGow, Austin Dwyer, Jake Head, and Big Country Pond all provide the foundation for next year's success with their strong line play.

The kicking game was the best it has been in years. Kyle Benjamin was a reliable punter capable of the long punt when needed or the pooch punt to pin the opponent deep in their end. Jake Steinman handled the kickoff duties and the PATs. Jacob converted their first PATs in recent memory and his talent extends all the way down to his toe. Plenty of youngsters got some experience. From a brief look-see, Addison Lewis, Garret Bolduc, Ryan Mellow, Nate Leslie, Tommy Leslie and Tanner Greenleaf impressed. And on the line and Big Country Pond was a force.

MTASports.com Football Awards

As always, these awards are given out in a light-hearted manner. If you did not receive an award, don't be shy, make one up for yourself and send it to me. Because if it's printed here, it must be true.

Award Winner
The bigger they are, the harder they fall Award ... goes to suspected Middle Earth inhabitant, Dylan Schenck. Dylan's play proved the adage "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." I loved watching this guy play.
Donovan's Mellow Yellow Award goes to Ryan Mello, whose demeanor on the football field is anything but. Ryan is a just a freshman, but a player to watch in the coming years. He is my Rookie of the Year.
The Coffin Corner Punt Award is shared by Kyle Benjamin, who was capable of putting the punt in the Coffin corner and Colin Coffin who was capable of downing the punt in "his" corner.
True / False Award goes to Michael True/False-den. True!
Dire Straits Award goes to Austin Dyer Straits, who indeed will be a Sultan of Swat in coming years.
My Body is My .... goes to Caden Temple.
Best Nickname Award goes to Big Country Pond. OK, I added the Big, but with or without it, it is a great and fitting nickname. Another player to watch.

Nov 15, 2014 - Annual Nordic Ski 5K Fundraiser by Greg Emerson

The Nordic Ski team is starting its 8th season as a recognized sport at Mt Ararat. Their annual 5K Fundraiser was held Saturday, November 15. And yes, there was snow on the gornd


2014 Boys Soccer Season Recap

The Eagles had plenty of experience and talent entering the season. They also had a lot of depth with talented younger players. Coach Rick Renaud frequently said that this was one of his most talented teams. But he tempered that statement with the caveat that they were going to have to play hard to prove it. Well, the Boys did play hard, and although some might be disappointed in the final results, that speaks more to the high level of competition and quality play through out the league. Soccer is like many games in that the team that plays best does not always win. A break here and there might have yielded completely different results. Most of their losses were by one goal where either team could have won. The boys have nothing to be ashamed of and we should be thankful for the enjoyable season they provided for us.

There were 14 seniors on the team, so let's recognize them first. Thanks to (in alphabetical order), Ben Bishop, Liam Brannigan, Mike Crawford, Avery Desjardins, Devon Drew, Mason Griffin, Alex Halliday, Trevor Mayo, Andrew McCracken, Dan Pelletier, Chris Pepin, Jon Roux, Robbie Small, Kennie Stimpson for four years of success.

Twelve different players scored goals for the Eagles.

Robbie Small was named to the first All-Conference team and deservedly so. He finished his remarkable Mt Ararat career with 37 goals. I so wanted him to score the winning goal against Edward Little so I could use the headline "Small beats Little". As spectacular as Robbie's career was, Mike Crawford's was as inspiring. What a long strange trip it has been from 'Little Mikey' his freshman year to 'Iron Mike' his senior year. Mike played defense and offense as his team needed him with equal amounts of mettle and panache. Mike ended up with 7 goals this season. He was named to the 2nd team All-Conference. Chris Pepin was also named to second team All-Conference. From his midfield position, Chris controlled the tempo of play with his fancy footwork and soccer acumen. His corner kicks were perfectly-placed and he lead the team with 6 assists. Finally, Jon 'Kanga' Roux was the backbone of the Eagles defense. His stellar play led to 2nd team All-Conference honors. Jon had plenty of support on the back line with Dan Pelletier and Alex Halliday providing plenty of stability with superior positioning, anticipation, interceptions and clearing passes.

Andrew McCracken was a consistent force on the wing. His throw-ins were legendary for their length and accuracy. And he thrilled the crowd with his occasional somersault throw-ins. The Eagles had plenty of legs to man the mid field. Ben Bishop, Avery Desjardins, and Liam Brannigan all have wheels and worked both ends of the field. Mason Griffin was a double threat. He was a reliable back up goalie behind Jon Roux and he was a agile, mobile, and hostile player on offense whose size and mobility lent gravitas to the front line. Trevor Mayo started on the back line and by the end of the year had played himself onto the field as an offensive threat with his aggressive leaping abilities and inspired hustle.

The Eagles had plenty of contributions from the under class men as well. And that bodes well for next year. Cole Guerin (1 goal) is a feisty forward with speed, grit, and talent. Kyle Brown (3 goals) has a scorer's touch and, intuitively, always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

At midfield, Eli Timberlake (2 goals) is your prototypical two-way player who gets back on defense and can strike on offense when the opportunity arises. Freshman Gavin Patterson saw plenty of playing time and showed he deserved it. Jimmy P (1 goal) continued to develop and showed showed he will be a force on both offense and defense. James Hutchinson simply did not make mistakes on defense as he broke up plays and set up the transition to offense flawlessly.

Evan Thibeault showed a lot of heart and Hank Gilson showed a lot of hair (and talent). Orion Sergeant, Alex Miranda (1 goal), and Nick Breed will all help next year.

MTASports.com Boys Soccer Awards

As always, these awards are given out in a light-hearted manner. If you did not receive an award, don't be shy, make one up for yourself and send it to me. Because if it's printed here, it must be true.

Award Winner
Down Under Award goes to Jon Kanga Roux for his quickness and agility.
Every day is a ... Award goes to Alex Oh, you're a Halliday, whose play made it a holiday for the Eagles, but not so much for his opponents.
Dog's Best Friend Award goes to Nick Best of Breed. Apparently the coaches agree as Nick won the JV Coach's award.
Flying Wallenda Award goes to Andrew Better Get McCracken whose acrobatic sideline throw-ins captivated the crowd much like Nick Wallenda, who recently crossed between two hi-rises in Chicago - blindfolded!
Have it Your Way Award goes to Trevor Hold the Mayo. Bet he's never heard that before.
Hi-O Silver Award goes to Kenny Stimpson, who figuratively rushed in on his white horse and left people wondering Who was that masked man? with his heroic play.
Unsung Hero Award goes to James Hutchinson for his consistent, intelligent, and no-nonsense approach to defense.
Rookie of the Year Award goes to Gavin Pitter Paterson whose fleetness, graceful footwork, agility, and quickness reminded us of the pitter patter of the footsteps of a cat and is sure to translate into production in future years.
Big Foot Award goes to Jimmy Pelletier, because of his large shoe size. You know what they say about soccer players with big feet. They have a booming shot.


Season Recap Nickname Version and MTASports.com Field Hockey Awards

This is the first of the Season recaps for each of the MTA fall sports season.

The Girls were coming off their most successful season ever last year and were hoping to build on that. But losing more than 90% of last year's goal production by Seniors Caitlin LaFountain, Kristen Pierce, and Carly Raymond would be a tall task. First year Mt Ararat coach Krista Chase took over the reins understanding all this and quietly oversaw a season that ended with a record of 3-11 with the Eagles playing competitively against some tough teams and picking up several wins down the home stretch. With Coach Chase's long term strategy of building the program from the bottom up, we should see continued improvement over the next few years.

This was a young team with only 5 seniors. Let's give them their props first. Co-captain Nicole Labbay provided steady play and consistent leadership throughout the season from her defensive position. She excelled at breaking up plays, clearing the ball, and leading the transition to offense. Another back-liner, Maggie played plenty of tough defense as she kept the ball in the Vaillancourt. Jesse was a threatening player on offense all the while playing within the rules (according to Hoyle Doyle). Old fave Alyssa (gonna miss her) Curit sat out the first half of the season while recovering from an ACL tear, but when she came back, she added instant offense. She was a major factor in the second half turnaround for the Eagles. And Kristi Violette, a transfer student from Freeport, did not play a minute of varsity, but she had plenty of fun playing with the JVs. What a healthy attitude and delightful young lady. She is a blossoming photographer to boot.

Alana Dream Weaver not only dreamt of weaving her way through opponents, she did it. This diminutive dynamo split time between offense and defense as she used her speed, stick-handling skills, and savvy to outsmart and out-hustle her opponents. Porter Galvin built on the promise that she showed last year as a freshman with a fine sophomore season. Fast, quick, and intelligent, Porter will be a force to reckon with next year. Magan Thomas-Copland, or TC as she is known to her teammates, is tall, strong, and athletic. She is also versatile as she can play any position on the field and play it well. The only problem with next year is deciding where to play her. Eva "G-Line" Jerome is another skilled player who uses her speed and endurance to man the midfield position. She also has a scoring touch to complement her tireless efforts along the sidelines. Samantha Gonyea is another budding star. She also switched between offense and defense, but seemed to find her home on offense late in the season. She scored the winning goal in the game against Brunswick. There's sure to be plenty more in the future. Rhiannon Hersey is a special athlete. Not only is athletically gifted, she is willing to do all the little things that that make a difference in the outcome. A proficient goal scorer last year, she spent most of this season on defense. Her unending hustle and willingness to sacrifice were appreciated by all. She had a great season.

Maddy Alexander was the go to girl throughout the season. She was the rock whose steady play her teammates relied on. When the team needed a clear, they looked to Maddy. When they needed a goal, they looked to Maddy (she scored the overtime goal to clinch the teams first victory of the season over Lewiston. In short, she was the MVP of the team. Haley Frizzle was spectacular in goal from the start. She was aggressive and challenged opposing players to beat her, which they seldom were able to do. She made several acrobatic saves during the season and she is a born leader. The Eagles should be all set in the net or the next two seasons.

On defense, Laura was Secone to none with her heady play, instinctive positioning, and anticipation. She saved countless goals from her sweeper position. Savannah Parry was a leading force on defense and consistently came up with big plays on defense. Kendall in the wind Hamilton may look as if she is easily extinguished, but she is a tough as nails player who is respected by all. Maia Culpa Carlson had to issue very few of these laments as her play was solid and steady.

Meaghan Cash Caouette continued to develop at forward and her hard work promises to pay dividends next season.

Sharley Moreland (Less Taxes) sat out the season with an injury, perhaps working on her future political plans. She was missed on the field.

There's plenty of help coming up from the JVs with Thalia Haute Couture, Karli Brillant, Kayleigh Ormsby, Emma Hagan, and Fiona Hoang ready to jump to Varsity play. And a player to watch who will arriving next year from MAMS is Wyley Fitzpatrick, who could make an immediate impact.

MTASports.com Field Hockey Awards

As always, these awards are given out in a light-hearted manner. If you did not receive an award, don't be shy, make one up for yourself and send it to me. Because if it's printed here, it must be true.

Award Winner
Instant Offense Recipe Just add Alyssa Curit, stir once, and watch the action happen
Black and Blue Award goes to Haley Frizzle, who stopped long shots and short shots, hard shots and finesse shots, high shots and low shots and challenged all shooters with her aggressive style of play
Mattitude Award goes to Maddy Alexander, a girl who has just the right balance of talent and swagger. It helps if your name is Maddy also.
Best Hair Award The judges (ok, the judge, me) were unanimous in their selection. It goes to TC. Can anyone argue this?
Nose to the Grindstone Award There are a lot of unglamourous actions associated with successful Field Hockey play, probably the most of important of which is getting down and sticking your head near ground level to fight for the ball. Nobody does this better than Rhiannon Hersey


Nov 8, 2014 - Katherine Leckbee Competes at New Englands

Mt Ararat's Katherine Leckbee made the long (and lonely) journey to Manchester, CT as the Eagles only representative at the New England Cross Country Championship. Having to leave Maine at 5:00 AM to make the trip, Katherine capped off her freshman season with an 84th place finish overall in a time of 20:21. That time landed her in the top 10 for the freshman class. More than 250 runners competed. Brunswick's Tessa Cassidy finished 73rd in 20:08 and Tiffany Tanner finished 94th in 20:30.

Nov 5, 2014 - Lindsey Cornelison and Mason Griffin Interview Dave Cowens at Sports Awards Banquet

This is Part 1 of 3.

This is Part 2 of 3.

This is Part 3 of 3.

KVAC, Campbell Conference, and MTA Fall Sports Awards Winners

The accolades continue to pour in. Here are winners of the Senior Awards and Coaches Awards that were presented on Sports Awards Night as well as the All Conference selections and All Academic recognition.

Of course, MTASports.com has its own awards to hand out and they will be announced soon (and trust me, Libby Ouellette will be getting one) along with a season summary for each sport. Stay tuned!

Sports Awards Night Recognition

Senior Award Coach's Award
Sport Winner Sport Winner
Football Dylan Johnson Varsity Football Mike Tran
JV Football Kevin Giroux
Freshman Football Nate Leslie
Boys Soccer Mike Crawford Boys Soccer Robbie Small
Boys JV Soccer Nick Breed
Boys Freshman Soccer Kevin Bolduc
Girls Soccer Katie Labbay Girls Soccer Lauren Williams
Girls JV Soccer Rebecca French
Girls Freshman Soccer Shannon Harty
Field Hockey Nicole Labbay Field Hockey Alyssa Curit
JV Field Hockey Thalia Couture
Golf Tyler O'Connor Golf T J Ackerman
Boys X-Country Matt Gott Boys X-Country Thomas Emerson
Girls X-Country Abbey Morgan Girls X-Country Katherine Leckbee
Cheering Jaclyn Brown Cheering Taylor Mailly

All Conference and All Academic Selections

All Conference All Academic
Sport Athlete Athlete
Varsity Golf Tyler O'Connor - 1st team Tyler O'Connor
T J Ackerman - 1st team
Cam Cox - 1st team
Boys Cross Country Matt Gott - 2nd team Matt Gott
Ted Burns
Kellen Radulski
Girls Cross Country Katherine Leckbee - 1st team Lindsey Cornelison
Colette Kinkade - 2nd team Abbey Morgan
Boys Soccer Robbie Small - 1st team Robbie Small
Mike Crawford - 2nd team Quentin Chard
John Roux - 2nd team Jon Roux
Chris Pepin - 2nd team Andrew McCracken
Dan Pelletier
Field Hockey Maddy Alexander - 2nd team Alyssa Curit
Nicole Labbay
Girls Soccer Christine Levesque - 1st team Christine Levesque
Torri Pelletier - 1st team Lauren Grant
Katie Labbay - 2nd team Katie Labbay
Eliza Hodge
Alison Nolan
Kaitlyn Volk
Lauren Williams
Football Mike Tran

2014 Fall Sports Season In Pictures

Dave Cowens drives to the hoop
Dave Cowens drives to the hoop

Dave Cowens to Chat at Fall Sports Awards Night

Former Boston Celtic great and NBA Hall of Famer Dave Cowens will chat with MTA student athletes at the Fall Sports Awards ceremony. That's a pic of Dave gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated with Julius Erving, better known as Dr J, way back in 1976. Those were turbulent times both socially and in the world of professional athletes. Dave Cowens and Dr J were the centerpiece players when the NBA merged with the newly-formed ABA, where Dr J was the star. Their style of play represented the opposite ends of the spectrum, although their personalities shared many common traits. Dave Cowens was the consummate blue-collar worker playing a position where he was considered "too small". But Dave used his intelligence, attitude, strength, and, yes, finesse to out-smart, out-hustle, and out-play the opposition at both ends of the court on a nightly basis. Dr J espoused the same work ethic and team play, but his style of play was artistic and athletic at a time when the NBA's idea of a slam dunk was a big guy standing a foot away from the hoop and using brute strength to go up and dunk. Dr J introduced the power drive from 15-feet out, combining hang-time and acrobatic finishes.

ICYMI re: Dave Cowens

Dave won the MVP in 1973. He won two championships with the Celtics. Cowens is one of only four players (Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James are the others) to lead his team in all five major statistical categories for a season: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. He accomplished the feat in the 1977-78 season. Dave was also a free-thinker at a time when athletes were not expected to think. His #18 jersey hangs from the rafters of the Boston Garden. He was and remains loved in Boston and New England sports lore.

ICYMI re: Dr J

Julius Erving played basketball in relative obscurity at the University of Massachusetts for two years before leaving to play for the American Basketball Association. Julius won MVP awards in both the NBA and ABA. He won MVP four times in the NBA. His nickname of Dr J had nothing to do with basketball, but was assigned to him by a high school friend whom Julius had dubbed "the Professor" perhaps out of professional courtesy. Dr J won one NBA championship (and two ABA championships).

Oct 25, 2014 - Boys Class A Regional Cross Country Championship by Greg Emerson

Oct 25, 2014 - Girls Class A Regional Cross Country Championship by Greg Emerson

Oct 24, 2014 - Video Hi-Lites of MTA vs Morse Football Game by Greg Emerson

Oct 14, 2014 - Seniors Discuss the 2014 Field Hockey Season

Oct 2, 2014 - Daphenie Thenor Sings the National Anthem prior to the Football Game vs York

My apologies to Daphenie who caught me unprepared to get a good video shot of her brilliant performance. But I did capture her beautiful, powerful voice. Next time, I'll be ready.

National Anthem Renditions

It's been a while since we've had a student do the honors of singing the National Anthem before an athletic event. This past week, in back-to-back days, the trio of Kate Guerin, Ally Collins, and Hallee Hasselbacher sang before the Girls Soccer game vs Bangor and the next night Markis Larravee sang the before the Homecoming Football game vs Gorham.


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Boys Hockey vs Poland @ NSBA 12:00

Boys Basketball, Winslow Tourney, 3:30

Girls Basketball, McAuley Tourney vs Marshwood, 6:00

Girls Hockey HOME vs Cheverus 8:00


Wrestling, Westlake Tourney @ Morse 8;30/9:30

Boys Basketball, HOME Scrimmage vs Marshwood, 9:15

Girls Basketball, Scrimmage @ Winslow, 1:00

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